Essential Oils Diffusers And How They Work for Good Health

Many people has been asking me lately that I should recommend the “best” essential oils diffusers for them.

Well, what I know is that all 4 basic types of diffuser work well, but it mainly depends on what you really what them to do for you.

All of them work relatively differently, so the purpose of this article is to let you know the 4 types of essential oils diffusers and how they work to give maximum results.

Before we proceed let me just introduce you to 6 benefits of using essential oils diffusers.

6 benefits of using essential oils diffusers.

  • To create calming and relax environment
  • For Aromatherapy
  • To reduce stress and anxiety
  • To combat bacterial, virus and pathogen while purify the air.
  • To stay healthy and boost immunity
  • To create a romantic environment at home.

Types of essential oils diffusers

  1. Evaporative Essential oils Diffuser.
  2. Nebulizing Diffusers.
  3. Ultrasonic Diffusers/ Humidifying Diffusers
  4. Heat DiffusersEssential Oils Diffusers And How They Work

1.Evaporative Essential oils Diffuser.

Basically this uses the room air-current to evaporate from region of higher concentration to the region of lower concentration of the essential oil molecules.

The process is simple, the essential oils in the diffuser turn to gaseous state because of increase in pressure and temperature (at room temperature) and this will cause the room to be saturated with essential oils mist.

So in essence, you don’t really get an even diffusion in a particular room, until 3-4 hours. The scent of the essential oils is slowing spread in the room in seconds.

Even some evaporative essential oil diffuser will require fan to gently blow around them to diffuse well.

Mostly, this types come in form of inhaler, portable objects bracelet, pendants Battery Operated Diffuser, Fan Fuser, Terra-Cotta Pendants, Terra-Cotta Air Fresheners, Oil Wear Pendants, and Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser, Wood Pendants.

I normally use evaporative diffuser in my car because of it portability and gentle operation.

So if you just want portable and slow diffusion essential oils aroma I suggest you buy this. You can find it on amazon.

Essential Oils Diffusers And How They Work


2.Nebulizing Diffusers.

The good thing about nebulizing diffusers is that they work with timer and diffuse quickly. You can just on it and set the time to any time you like, it’s awesome!

You don’t need air current or heat to get them to work. The way they work is like perfume atomizer. The in-built operation makes essential oil in the diffuser to turn to gaseous form quickly and permit the air like harmattan fire.

It highly recommended for aromatherapy purposes. The disadvantages of nebulizing diffusers they use oils more quickly and they are relatively expensive compare to other diffusers

3.Ultrasonic Diffusers/ Humidifying Diffusers

These work like nebulizing diffuser, breaking essential oils into fine mist, but with different process. They use electric frequency to break down the essential oils into gaseous molecule that spread into the room and create lasting scent.

This process require great energy for transformation. Ultrasonic diffusers output use large percentage water to essential oil.

Most of them also come with timer that makes them run effectively. Ultrasonic is often recommended for aromatherapy too, because they create ideal mist for the purpose.

Essential Oils Diffusers And How They Work
Essential Oils Diffusers

4.Heat Diffusers

Heat diffusers work similar to evaporative diffuser. However they transform essential oils in to gaseous state by heating process instead of using air current for diffusion so the essential oils molecule can spread out and occupy the environment.

Heath diffusers have been recognize as most economical. They also have a silent and gentle method of diffusion process.

Closing thought

There is no a “best diffuser”, but it all depends on what purpose you want to use them for.

Personally, I have tried all of them and they work fine!

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