Apple ‘s iOS 9 Beta Features

Apple 's iOS 9 Beta Features
Apple ‘s iOS 9  Beta Features

Apple ‘s App Beta Features

Apple will release iOS 9 this fall. This comes with improved operation system performance, security and battery life. And I it be available for those people that signed up for it.

Apple users will have advance look of some cool features like health kit updates, smarter Siri, Apple news updates and multitasking features on iPad.

It recommended that users should not install iOS9 on the main device, instead they can install it on their secondary device to prevent it from been affected by potential bugs. 

Below are the new features you can expect:

Split View/ Multitasking

Apple 's iOS 9 Beta Features
iPad multitasking
With iOS 9 on IPad user can now have ability to multitasking such as working on two screens at the same time and doing different things. Like viewing pictures and watching video at sametime.
Health Kit
This will include many features like hydration, sun exposure and reproductive health.
Smarter Siri
In this iOS 9,Seri user will be pulling information from user request such as , “remind to call my kid by 12 pm” ,show the photos I took when I was in Paris etc.
Smart Siri, will automatically pull music the user have been listening to when your headphone is plugged.
Battery Mode
iOS 9 have power mode that allow user to extend the life of their battery for about hour before charging .Amazing LOL!

Search Intelligence

Apple 's iOS 9 Beta Features
This works well within the Apple app only when the user search for something they cannot remember completely. For instances, if a user search for something like essential oil recipe, and the type oil recipe in the search field, the essential oil recipe will show up making it easy for user experience .
However, any request that requires a search like traffic conditions will not be connected to the users Apple ID.

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