Design Error in Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Slot Can Cause Pen Detection To Damage

 Design Error in Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Slot

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a one of the best smartphones Samsung have ever produced, however the good phone have been marred by a major design flaw in the phone.

As indicated by reports doing the rounds on the Internet, the S Pen that goes with the Galaxy Note 5 could cause permanent damage to the phone usefulness.

                                                               Source:Android Police
The user can embed the S Pen into its silo in any case, however one of its orientations could really debilitate the telephone’s stylus sensitivity features if embedded the wrong way.
The most well-known styluses, then again, are planned in a manner that they can’t be embedded in a wrong way, unlike this Galaxy Note 5 stylus.
Design Error in Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Slot Can Cause Pen Detection To Damage


According to the report from the Verge “If you are unfortunate enough to slide your S Pen in the wrong way, you’ll have some major snags removing it from the space (however in the end you ought to have the capacity to pry it away), yet all the more significantly, you may impair the Note’s stylus detection features,”

But the Samsung says “We made it clear in our user guide how Galaxy Note 5 users will use their S pen in a correct way when reinserting the pen so as to avoid unexpected scenario caused by reinserting the S pen in a wrong way”
Well most of the companies suggests users to read the manuals thoroughly before using their product, but this is not an excuse for major manufacture errors or defects that could prompt incidental harms.

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