Atripla : Unbelievable success story about 3 in 1 HIV drug

 Atripla: 3 in 1 HIV drug  – HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. It is a causal organism of the deadly acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). When the virus persists untreated, it may lead to AIDS.

AIDS alongside Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Human Papilloma Virus which is related to cervical cancer is one of the most common sexually transmitted disease worldwide, and has enjoyed a lot of scientific attention since it was first brought to public attention in the 1980s.

AIDS particularly is not one disease but a series of strange opportunistic diseases in humans. HIV is however not only transmitted through sex. Basically, the virus can be transmitted by any form of bodily fluid exchange and it is a heterosexual transmission.


Interestingly, HIV itself is not a death sentence, and there is hope without having to progress to AIDS. There have been scientific breakthroughs that have presented complex medications for HIV in the past beginning from 1996 when the first Retroviral for HIV was released. These medications came in series of viral suppressors in the protease and nucleoside or non-nucleoside reverse transcript inhibitor class.

Unbelievable success stories about 3 in 1 HIV drug, Atripla


For the community of those infected with HIV, the release and FDA approval of Atripla in 2006 perhaps became one of the ten advances in medicine. Atripla combined three antiretroviral drugs into one pill making the difficult and mostly complex regimen of HIV medication grossly simplified. It was the first to do such admirable combination for HIV treatment.


Since 2006, more easy to use cocktails for HIV have been released but such innovation arising from asking pertinent questions of making life better for others should not go unreported on this section!

Atripla  Unbelievable success story about 3 in 1 HIV drug 1


How to take Atripla medication

Take once an in day. If Atripla can cause confusion or dizziness (because of the efavirenz, which often happens during the first few weeks of taking it), some folks find it helpful to take it before going to bed. It is recommended that Atripla should be taken on an empty stomach before eating.


Some people believe that taking it with food reduces side-effects. You can do this if you find it helpful, but desist taking it with a high-fat food; this may raise absorption of the drug, potentially increasing side-effects.

Unbelievable success stories about 3 in 1 HIV drug, Atripla


Side-effects of taking Atripla medication

Most rampart , these include sleep disturbances, tiredness, abnormal dreams, impaired concentration, dizziness, raised creatine kinase levels, skin darkening, low blood phosphate levels, weakness, stomach pains, bloating, , rash, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, anxiety, depression flatulence.



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