13 Myths Uncovered About Vicks Vaporub Uses

 Vicks Vaporub Uses in 13 Easy Ways Vicks vaporub is known for its magic work; it can be used to cure cold, cough, for congestion, to reduce fever, to stop sneezing, and even by pregnancy women and baby (Vicks baby rub).

Any time I am suffering from cold and congestion, Vicks always works like a charm.  I always felt instantly better after applying it. Vicks uses menthol to stimulate a response from affected area in the chest and nose or other parts of the body for instant relief, and it does this magic on kids with colds and chronic bronchitis….(but you have to be careful when use on children…why ?) Read on.

This rub has been around and used for over 100 years now and is popular for its effective battle against any forms of chest congestion. But do you know Vicks vapo rub does much more than cure chest congestion? Because recently it was discovered that it can even be used to treat many other worse health conditions, and it is effective home remedy cream.

 That is why in this article I want to share with you the insanely vicks vaporub uses.

1. For congestion and cough13 Myths Uncovered About Vicks Vaporub Uses

Vicks has been popular known for its decongestants properties. So if you are suffering from chest congestion and cough you can externally rub it on your chest and throat for instant relief.


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 2.  For sinus headaches

Are you suffering from headaches? You just massage your forehead with vicks vapo rub to get instant relief. The menthol will ease pressure in your head and you will be relieved

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3.  Bugs and ticks Bit,

Sometimes, especially during the summer you can get bitten by bugs or ticks. You just reach out to your vicks vapo rub and apply it on the affected area.


4. To prevent pet pee-pee

The  vicks  vaporub uses  comes in handy if your pet still pee around the house. Just open a Vicks battle at the area where you pet like peeing. The smell of the Vicks vapo rub will discourage them from wetting your rug.


5. Vicks vaporub for toenail fungus

13 Myths Uncovered About Vicks Vaporub Uses


This is one of the magic Vicks vaporub uses ; for fungus treatment. If you notice any fungus in your toenail, apply vicks on the affected area for a few days. Your nail may turn dark, don’t worry it means that this ointment is fighting the bacteria and this may take a while before the dark part disappear. Keep applying vicks over a period of 2 weeks to fully get rid of remaining bacteria.


6. For sound sleep Humidify Your Sleep


The Vicks Moisture Humidifier can make soothing, cool, invisible moisture and a calming environment to aid you and   your family sleep like baby. Just make sure your humidifier has an aromatherapy compartment prior using. The humidifier will diffuse Vicks throughout the air and make you sleep peaceably

7. Prevent infection from Paper Cuts and Splinters

To avoid infection and speed up healing time, just rub a small quantity of Vicks on any small cut or splinter

8. Muscles pain relief

Vicks relieves sore muscles. It’s also reduces pressure and enhances easy circulation of blood in the body   when applied. Rub the affected area with a good portion of Vicks  vaporub  and then cover it with warm and dry towel. Do this daily before bed time until you get better


9. For cracked heels

If you have cracked heels, rub vicks on your feet and heel then put on your socks. Next day wash your feet with warm water, and exfoliate with pumice stone. Do this daily before   going to bed until your feet is smooth and healthy.


13 Myths Uncovered About Vicks Vaporub Uses


10. Applying Vicks to your feet to stop coughing.

This another surprising  vicks  vaporub uses . Generously massage your feet with vicks Vapo Rub,  then  put on your socks to cover your  feet. Within moments you will feel better and calmed


11. Vicks as Fat burning cream


13 Myths Uncovered About Vicks Vaporub Uses

13 Myths Uncovered About Vicks Vaporub Uses

Do you want to burn that annoying fat? Then apply vicks vaporub  on where those excess and annoying fat reside ; belly fat, thigh or hips fat, inner thigh fat… it helps to get rid of fat accumulation and make tissue firm. This may not happen as fast as you may expect but it does work over time.

If you want to make it more potent mix camphor, baking soda and a few drops of alcohol with vicks vaporub. Then mix thoroughly and apply it to affected area .cover it with clamping strip. You can administer this while at home or  before your daily workout.

 Homemade fat burning cream with vicks vaporub


  • Alcohol
  • Baking power
  • Camphor,and
  • Vicks vaporub


  • Add small amount of camphor with other ingredients and mix them together until you get a fine paste. Then store the mixture inside small Mason jar.
  • You may now apply this ointment into affected area and cover the area with plastic overnight.
  •  Then take the plastic off in the next day, and take a warm shower.
  • Use this cream 2-3 times in a week.


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12. Remove warts

Rub vicks on the affected area and cover it up with gauze and socks. You will feel relieved in few days. Apply vicks about 2 weeks until you feel much better


13. Vicks as Mosquitoes repellent

Vicks can help you repel mosquitoes. Apply small amount of Vicks to your skin and clothes and it will ward off mosquitoes. If you do get bitten by mosquitoes, apply Vicks to the affected area and cover it with a band or gauze. It will help to relieve itching.

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Vicks Ingredients

  • Menthol -2.6% (cough suppressant & topical analgesic)
  • Eucalyptus oil-1.2% (as cough suppressant)
  • Camphor -4.8% (cough suppressant & topical analgesic)

 Vicks Ingredients (Lemon)

  • Camphor ——- 4.7% (for Cough suppressant and topical analgesic)
  • Eucalyptus oil  —1.2% (Cough suppressant)
  • Menthol— 2.6%      (Cough suppressant and topical analgesic)

Inactive Ingredients

Regular and Lemon (inactive) ingredients are:

  • Nutmeg oil
  • Petrolatum
  • Thymol
  • Turpentine oil
  • Cedar leaf oil


For Lemon type they fortified it with lemon fragrance.


Quick Tips (CAUTION!)

Vicks for Babies

Vick VapoRub has drawbacks when is inappropriately apply: It’s unsafe for any use in children under 2 years of age when apply directly under nose. In children under the age 6, apply it only on the neck and chest.


13 Myths Uncovered About Vicks Vaporub Uses

Vicks Baby Rub

Consuming a few teaspoons of camphor — one of the main ingredients in VapoRub and other topical medications, such as Campho-Phenique and Bengay — can cause deadly poisoning in toddlers. Synthetic camphor absorbed via mucous membranes or broken skin also can be toxic to children and for those have camphor allergy. That’s why it is recommended not to apply VapoRub in or around the nostrils — especially a small child’s nostrils according to Mayoclinic


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