Top 12 Beach Towns You Must Visit This Summer

Summer is here again, but have you paused and thought about where can visit these summer and have fun or maybe be you are kinda adventurous person like me and you have been thinking where to spend your vacation this summer?

Top 12 Beach Towns You Must Visit This Summer

Well, as for me I love adventure and sometimes I like taking the time off and visit cool places in the country, even once in a while side out the country.
Whether you are attempting to simply step back and unwind for a bit or in the event that you are attempting to get out there and meet new individuals, you should simply look and there will be a place that will fit exactly what you have at the top of the priority list.
Top 12 Beach Towns You Must Visit This Summer
Therefore, let me share with you some cool places especially amazing beach towns you must visit this summer

1.Santa Cruz, CA

Top 12 Beach Towns You Must Visit This Summer

Santa Cruz is of  the best beach towns  and  there is a lot of places you can go to feed your itching eyes. The place is known for its mild climate, the natural serenity and beauty of its coastline, Redwood Forests, elective group ways of life, and socially liberal leanings.

You can start your shopping at a boardwalk and /or an oceanfront amusement park and if you are not a shopping type you can just sit down at the park and enjoy the nature.

2.San Diego Beaches

Top 12 Beach Towns You Must Visit This Summer

There many beaches in San Diego that you can have fun and relax this summer include; Coronado beach, Mission beach, La Jolla beach, Pacific beach, Ocean beach, Imperial beach, Silver beach etc. .San Diego is well known for its gentle climate, and components 70 miles of coastline. It is genuinely a city with something for everybody.

In the event that your next excursion destination is San Diego, you will discover awesome golf, numerous galleries, the well-known San Diego Zoo, an extensive variety of family-situated exercises, fine feasting, world-class shopping and inns at a different prices rate.
San Diego beaches are extraordinary in each of the four seasons. The winter climate is not regularly helpful for swimming, but rather there are frequently sunny winter days, which are extraordinary for a long stroll on the sandy shoreline.

3.St. Petersburg, FL

Here you can start your adventure right for the Armed Forces museum or the museum of Fine Arts if you are the type that appreciate arts works extending from old to contemporary; home of the Florida Orchestra and Mahaffey.

It’s known for its charming climate and popularly called the “Sunshine City”, making it prominent for golfing, sailing, angling, fishing and beach-going.

4.Chincoteague Island, VA

Top 12 Beach Towns You Must Visit This Summer

This is a beautiful and exciting beach town, located at Accomack County, Virgina. This is probably the most beautiful place on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. It also known for its oyster bed and clam shoals.

It is peaceful angling  beach town, seven miles in length and one and one-half miles wide and flourishing with history and regular appeal, invites you to explore it’s one of a kind island legacy. You have a lot of fun there: surfing, fishing, shell picking, biking, canoeing, dining, shopping, kayaking etc.

5.Gearhart, OR

Top 12 Beach Towns You Must Visit This Summer

Gearhart, quiet and lovely place to be! You can rock the town wide street on bike, no street light, public tennis courts and beautiful unspool beach.

The place is just a few distance to The Lewis and Clark National Historical Park and Young River Falls.

6.Gulf Shores, AL

Top 12 Beach Towns You Must Visit This Summer

If you are for a place to relax and have fun, this is the place! Gulf Shores is a pleasant little shoreline town with loads of fun exercises at spots like the Zipline and Arial Adventure Park or the Alabama Golf Coast Zoo. There is likewise shopping and scuba jumping.

Long Beach, NY
This look like a crowded beach with a lot of activities, but no doubt is one of a good places you can be.
Long beach is located in Nassau County, New York. It has some landmarks; Holocaust Memorial, the John F.Kennedy Memorial and Long Beach Historical Museum to mention a few. There many shops and fantastic food spot there too.

7.Rockport, TX .Beach Towns

Top 12 Beach Towns You Must Visit This Summer

Rockport is a fantastic and beautiful beach town to visit. With a good welcoming and friendly weather which characterized with fun stuffs to do in the area. You can go on kayaking or boat tour if you like and visit the Texas Maritime Museum.

8.Rügen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Top 12 Beach Towns You Must Visit This Summer

This is one of the popular vacation destinations you can go I best you. Rugen is situated close the Pomeranian coast in the Baltic Sea.

It quiet atmosphere in the winter is overwhelming, most tourists come to this place around April and October, the zest season being June to August. Rügen offers a big variety of shore and beach areas.
The tourist destinations other than sea resorts are; the wood-covered Granitz hills with their Jagdschloß or hunting lodge, the ancient buildings of Putbus and the inland villages of Bergen auf Rügen, Cape Arkona, Gingst and Ralsswiek.
You can enjoy German foods anytime; breakfast and bed foods are serve around the Island. And you may want grab German bear!

10.Rockport, TX

Top 12 Beach Towns You Must Visit This Summer

This one of most attractive   beach towns to relax and feed your eyes with the works of nature. If you are a good golfer here is the place for you to try your skills at the Kings Creek Country Club. You can even go to spas and bike tour to relax and flex your muscle.

11.Polson, MT

Top 12 Beach Towns You Must Visit This Summer

Polson is a place to go away from your busy life. A lot of people go here to fly ski, swim, and fish regardless of the nearby myth. On the off chance that you drive a tad bit further, you can look at Kerr Dam and Glacier Brewing Co. Attempt your fortunes at the Kwtaknuk clubhouse and visit the Flathead Ford Museum too.

12.Tybee Island, GA Beach Towns.


Top 12 Beach Towns You Must Visit This Summer

Tybee Island has a Lighthouse Museum that will interest you with wonderful photos and fun actualities about beacons. There is additionally angling, skiing, and the Gallery by the Sea if galleries aren’t you’re thing.

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