70 Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month

Ways to make an extra $500 this month – Living from paycheck to paycheck can be frustrating especially when you need to fund a major project or save up for that vacation you’ve always dreamt about.

Thankfully, there are several ways to make an extra $500 this month depending on your skill set, situation, and schedule while still working at your full-time job. Interestingly, most side job can make an extra $500 this month or even more.




70 Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month




70 Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


This post explores the top 70 sides jobs that can help you to earn you that additional income that you need.


1. Online Polls


Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


Several online polls exist where you can make an extra $500 for carrying out a survey. An example is Survey Junkie. You can answer online at any time and any place of your convenience.


2. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

This allows for the exchange of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin through your bank account, credit cards, or PayPal account. Coinbase is a platform where you can buy and sell.


3. Uber


Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month

Do you own a vehicle or have an access to one? If Yes,  then you can expect to make an extra cash this month on Uber. All you need to do is to plan your schedule and go about your general work.


4. Test websites

Are you mostly online, then this is the ideal side job that can help you make an extra $500 this month.


5. Blog Writing

A lot of people cannot start a blog, but have specific knowledge of the subject matter. Then offer to write articles for them to earn at least $20 per article. Write five and you’ll have $100. Then you keep writing till you are able to earn an extra $500 this month.


6. Become a Freelance Proofreader

If you’re an English major, a teacher or a writer, then you may be a professional editor. You can find editing work on Craigslist that can be either one-time assignments or project.


7. Download Apps

A lot of companies pay you just to download their apps. Some of these companies include; Mobile Expressions, Savvy Connect, Smart Panel, Nielsen Mobile for iPhone users and Nielsen Mobile Panel for ages 45 and above.

The best part is the money doesn’t stop at the download; you’ll make extra cash monthly for an upgrade. Now that’s an app worth your time! The apps collect data thereby helping the companies understand mobile and web usage better.


8. Manage Social Media for Businesses


Manage Social Media for Businesses - Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


There are a lot of people who are social media experts, while some don’t even know how to get started. If you’re an expert, offer your services as a social media manager.

You can also offer social media advertising services. This is a fun way to make extra income monthly especially for social media freaks.


9. Participate in Paid Research Studies

There are a lot of schools around you that need researchers to participate in research studies. Check for schools in your area as well as Craigslist to participate in the research studies.


10.  Use Swagbucks for Online Search

You can make an extra $500 this month using Swagbucks for online search. It has a search tool, which is just like goggle for online searches.


11.  Create an Online Course


Create an Online Course- Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


If you are an expert in a particular discipline, you can wrap your knowledge into an online learning course and sell it. This has become a very popular business model for online entrepreneurs over the past several years.  The two big websites that help to sell online courses are Udemy and Teachable.


12.  Be a Session Musician

If you can play guitar, drums, keyboards and even some wind and string instruments. You may be able to get a side job as a session musician in a band or orchestra.


13.  Rent your House Out

Although not everyone has enough space to rent out. Those who do can earn a decent amount of money via platforms like Airbnb.


14.  Hold a Garage Sale

It’s possible to make $500 at a yard sale once you ensure to advertise properly, and even if your home is in a remote area. It is advisable to rent space at a location with a lot of foot traffic like a local church.


15.  Carpooling


Carpooling- Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month

If you have other people who specialize in your area. Then you can offer to give them a ride. Try advertising the offer to those around your office, then you can make an extra $500 this month.


16.  Fiverr

Fiverr pays $5 or more per job, and these include up works and websites jobs. It helps you to market yourself and create a successful business.


17.  Tutoring English

You can offer to teach people to understand the English language for a fee. You can charge at $20 an hour, and you’d get $500 in short order.


18.  Setting up New Computers

Modern computers may look simple, but a lot of people find it difficult in setting them up. You can also offer to set up passwords, email and download anti-virus package.


19.  Graphic Design Services


Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


There are a lot of people and organization who need this service. You can offer to do simple designs for websites, individuals, and organizations.


20. YouTube Videos

Make an online tutorial for something you are familiar with like cooking your signature dish, building a bookcase. Upload it to YouTube and make extra cash. This allows them to put ads on your videos.


21. Translate Job

If you are fluent, and I mean very fluent, in a language, you can get paid to translate. There are several online platforms that pay members just to translate.

Check out platforms like translatorscafe.com, verbalizeit.com, and gengo.com.



22. Public Speaker


Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


Speaking in front of a group regularly features on lists of people’s biggest fears. It’s up there with death. But this leaves plenty of room for opportunity.

If there is a professional topic you’re knowledgeable on, there are groups who will pay you to speak about it.


23. Photography

 This creates an avenue for capturing moments. If you have the skills then put those skills to work. Start a side gig as a photographer. Instead of trying to be a jack-of-all-trades, focus on a niche like weddings, birthdays, modeling, fashion shows etc.


24. Event Management

If you enjoy making plans and organizing events, then start charging others to plan for them. You can plan and carry out several events especially on a smaller scale.



25. Rent Parking Space

 People that live in a busy area can make an extra $500 this month. All they need do is to rent out their driveway or parking space whenever there is a big event in their neighborhood.


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26. Disk Jockey Event

If you’re a music lover and have the gear. Charge people for your deejaying services.


27. Phone and Computer Repair

 If you love to fix computers, smartphones, and other tech gadgets, start a small repair business.


 28. Interior Decoration

 If you have a flair for design, then spend your weekends decorating the homes of people in your neighborhood.

Brainstorm and create a portfolio of ideas so you are ready to spring into action when the opportunity arises.


29. Become a Trainer

Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


 You can find some part-time work at a local gym as a trainer. Either as a personal trainer, yoga instructor or weightlifter. A lot of people just need someone to push or encourage them to continue their workout.


30. Personal Shopper

 Not everyone enjoys shopping. But, if you’re a shopaholic, then take advantage of this and become a personal shopper for those who don’t like to shop, or who don’t have the time to shop.


31. E-Book Publishing

 This is another way to make extra money on a monthly basis. All you need to do is to pen down your ideas and information on your field of expertise into an e-book and sell it both online and offline.

This is a great opportunity to make an extra $500 this month. All you need is passion and some kick-ass writing skills.


32. Sell Images

Another way to make an extra $500 this month is from photography. You can sell your images on sites like Shutterstock. If you are unique with your photography in any way, then Shutterstock will be interested in your images.


33. Create or Edit Videos

You can either start creating your own YouTube videos or editing them for others.


34. Make Jewelry

A lot of people prefer and demand handmade jewelry. Also, many local spas, resorts, and even hair salons like to sell great jewelry. You could start by selling bit by bit until you make an extra $500 in a month.


35. Website Design



Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


If you know what it takes to design a website, you can help to build simple websites for individuals and small businesses.


36. Build App

 If you love to code and have an awesome idea for building an app, then you can totally make extra cash this month.


37. Social Media Manager

 If you’re a social media freak, then you can start managing individuals and small businesses social media accounts. E.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. and get paid for it.


38. Software Installation


Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


 If you are skilled at installing software, then contact local businesses that are looking for someone with the skill set to render the service for them.


39. Cleaning Houses and Offices

 A lot of people are too busy and do not have the physical ability to do this job. There is a demand for house and office cleaners.


40. Cleaning Gutters

 This job can get pretty dirty, and also requires a lot of energy. But if you have what it takes, you’ll find plenty of people to hire you for this dirty job. This job is especially easy to find during the fall. You can go door-to-door and ask for this job.


41. Bartend

As long as you are a people person and you are skilled at mixing drinks, then you can earn extra money from bartending during the weekends.


42. Affiliate Marketing


Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


 You can register a business on your blog or website, which makes you an affiliate for them and earn extra cash whenever someone leaves your site to make a purchase.


 43. Write Music

 You can write and record music lyrics on sites like Craigslist and Fiverr. You can also record something for YouTube.


44. Catering

If you’re an excellent cook then you should start catering events on the side or diet meal prep for people that want to lose weight. Although this may be a tough business, you can start with small parties. E.g. baby showers, wedding showers, and graduation parties etc.


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45. Baking

 Another way to make an extra $500 this month is selling baked goods. Such as birthday and wedding cakes, bread etc.


46. Knitting


Knitting - Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


 You can sell handmade knit items on Etsy. Baby items such as a shawl or blanket sell very well. Even knitted baby clothing sells too.


47. Teaching

 If you’re proficient in subjects like math, science, English, history or any other academic subject. Then after work or on the weekends. You can teach and get paid.


48. Babysitting

 Do you know any of your friends, family or neighbors who have children? Then you can start by watching their children whenever they need a sitter.


49. Snow Shoveling

 To make an extra $500 this month, you must be willing to shovel by hand or using a truck. People will gladly pay you to remove the snow from their driveways.



side jobs to help you make an extra $500 or more this month


50. Moving

 A lot of people do not really enjoy moving. Some people even need their stuff carried up and down their stairs. That is why people and businesses hire moving companies to do the legwork for them.


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51. Pool Cleaning

 Here is another side job that helps you make an extra $500 this month. Pool owners do not have their time to clean their pools, while most of them have the equipment.


52. Hauling Services

 If you have a truck, van or trailer, you can offer to pick up and deliver large items.


53. Task Rabbit


Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


 You can become a TaskRabbit person for some extra $500. If you don’t mind running errands for people or assisting them with chores around the house.


54. Search Jobs on Craigslist

 If you just browse through Craigslist, there are a number of odd jobs you’ll easily stumble upon that you can do in your free time.


55. Sporting Events and Concert

Concerts and sporting events need several hands on deck to make sure an event runs smoothly, such as security. You get paid for being an ad-hoc staff. You can also sell snacks at big games with a lot of people in attendance, let’s say an NFL game.


56. Tech Support


Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


 If you have access to the internet service and landline and don’t mind dealing with customers. Then you can provide tech support on nights and weekends.


57. Flip Website

You can purchase cheap domain names and advertise by adding quality content to gain more traffic. This is profitable when you buy a domain that already has an established business.


58. Handmade Furniture

 Handmade furniture is another craft that is in high level of demand. You can sell your work online on a website like Etsy, or at flea markets and maybe even local furniture stores.


59. Dogsit

 Asides dog walk, some people rather prefer someone to dog sit. If you are a pet lover then it’s easy to take this up as a side job.


60. Holiday Decorations

 If you love decorations, then you can offer your services to people who have businesses, church, event centers etc. Many of them do not think of making their front view all rosy and cherry during holidays.


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61. House Keeper

This side job applies to you watching the homes of people who go on vacation. Many homes are summer-only or winter-only. These people like someone to stay in their homes for security reasons.


62. Detail Automobiles

You can make an extra $500 this month by detailing automobiles to those who couldn’t resist a nice clean car.


63. Investing and Lending


Investing and Lending- Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


You can join a peer-to-peer lending program and earn extra money through interest rates. There are sites like Lending Tree.


64. Write LinkedIn Profile

 If you are a proficient writer and have a knack for writing resumes generally, you can write an amazing LinkedIn profile. You can also write profiles for professionals and make an extra $500 this month.


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65. Become a Post mate

 As long as you have a car, you can make extra cash just by joining PostMates. Where you’ll deliver anything from clothing to groceries.

If you live in a big city, you don’t need a car to become a PostMate. In New York City, PostMates can walk or ride bikes.


66. Create Online Lecture

 If you have knowledge in specific subjects, you can create an online platform for lectures on sites like Udemy. Work out a schedule on what and when you plan to teach.


67. Rent or Become Someone’s Friend

 There are people out there who are willing to pay other people to be their friend. If you are comfortable with meeting new people and making new friends, you can make money from a site like RentAFriend.


68.Garage Sales

Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month

 You can make an extra $500 this month just by selling your unused items in your front yard.


69. Drop Shipping

 You can also start a side job through drop shipping. In this case, you don’t have to sell used items online to make extra cash. You would sell new items from a manufacturer or distributor online and they’ll ship the items to your customers.


70. Sales to Consignment Shops


Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 This Month


 You make an extra $500 this month by selling a large amount of furniture or clothes. Consignment shops are a great option for this. Items that sell well in consignment shops are baby items, prom dresses, ties, men’s shirts, coats, and purses.


Now that you are now aware of new ways to make an extra $500 this month, I am sure you’ll be smiling to the bank at the end of this month!


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