How to Ask for a Raise ( Negotiation for a Raise)Successfully from Your Boss

How to Ask for a Raise and Negotiation for a Raise Successfully Believe it or not, there are legitimate ways in how to ask for a raise that do not put your job in jeopardy. Of course, you will need to have been at your job for at least six months, have a good work record, and the type of job where asking for a raise is appropriate which means a position in which there are no commissions or similar benefits that sweetens the salary.

You’ll need to be diplomatic about asking for a raise, but here are a few tips to show you how it can be done. Plus, asking for a raise when appropriate may be welcomed by the management if you have demonstrated the desire to climb the corporate ladder.

 How to Ask for a Raise and Negotiation for a Raise Successfully 

1. Do More than Expected

By doing more than expected, you should expect to get a raise for your efforts. You’ll need to be consistent and exceed your goals every day. But that will only impress management who is always looking for new talent that goes above and beyond what is expected.

At the beginning, you’ll want to start by adding to your expectations a little at a time to demonstrate that you can get the job done. Pretty soon, you’ll be exceeding expectations regularly. Even you can even ask for raise based on increased workload.

2. Demonstrate Value in Your Work


Look at your responsibilities and see where you can add measurable value to your employment. For example, do your efforts increase profits or save customers for the company? If so, that is one way to demonstrate value. Another is by getting positive feedback from co-workers and managers who work with you daily.

All positive feedback should be used by you as a strong example of how your service benefits the company. All negative feedback should be used as a guide to how you can improve your efforts.

By demonstrating your value to the company, you demonstrate the reason why you deserve a raise sooner rather than later.

3. Add to Your Responsibilities / Increase Your Workload


How to Ask for a Raise and Negotiation for a Raise Successfully 

Arguably the best way in how to ask for a raise is proving that you are worthy of getting one. You can accomplish this by adding to your responsibilities. Doing more work makes you more valuable to the company.

You’ll need to organize your time appropriately so that you can get everything accomplished. Plus, you’ll want to understand what the company needs to be accomplished so you can work in the right direction.

However, by adding more responsibilities to your job and proving you can handle them, the company may give you a raise.Perhaps a promotion for your efforts before you can ask.


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4. Convince Yourself that You Need a Raise

Play devil’s advocate and ask yourself what have you accomplished that is worthy of getting a raise. This is a great way of how to ask for a raise because you are answering all the questions before they are asked by management. Keep in mind that a raise should be based on your performance. Not just on the need to keep up with the costs of living.

So, you will need to formulate the reasons why you deserve a raise and prepare to answer questions about your reasoning. This may sound a little strange since you are really making a pitch to get more money. But if you deserve it because of your contributions to the workplace. Then it shouldn’t be a big deal to do a little prep work to defend your position.

5. State Your Goals


How to Ask for a Raise and Negotiation for a Raise Successfully 


For a company to provide you with a raise, you’ll need to tell them your goals. This means discussing it with your manager in a way that is not self-serving. But rather how it benefits the company. You should put improving your performance in your current role as number one. But after that, you should tell them your long-term goals for success.

Managers understand that everyone has their personal goals, so you need to express them clearly so that they understand where you are coming from in terms of how you see your career. It helps to ask for guidance on how you can improve what you do so that you can set yourself up for promotion.


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6.Use History & Research

In how to ask for a raise or negotiating a raise, you’ll need to do some research and background work to see if others in your position also got raises for accomplishing certain goals. If you have done the same or better, then you are on strong ground in terms of your position.

Another approach is to look at similar jobs at other companies in your region and see how much they pay for the work you do. If there is a glaring disparity, then you have a good platform to ask for a raise. Perhaps look for a job with another company that pays significantly higher if that is the case. Either way, you just might get a nice boost in salary.

7. Don’t Let “No” Stop You

How to Ask for a Raise and Negotiation for a Raise Successfully 

You shouldn’t argue if you get a “no” to your request. But instead, you should have them set the goals needed so you can make the raise on your next evaluation. You can do with when requesting an interim appraisal of your performance.Also, list what goals need to be reached so that you can make your raise the next time.

By having clear goals set, you will be contributing to the company on a greater basis. Demonstrating your value and the seriousness that you take your career. And fast track for a raise that you didn’t get the last time. Keep in mind that the closer you work with management, the better off you will be. Because they can advise you on what is needed to secure that raise.



According to a recent research carried out at University of Warwick it shows that women ask for salary rises just as often as men, but men are 25 % more likely to get a raise when they ask.

Things to Remember Before You Negotiate a Raise



  • Get prepared and rehearsal your conversation ahead of time.
  • Find out what your boss’s priorities are and explain to him how you will help.
  • Prepare your case by researching on your unique contribution to the company or business.


  • Make sure you wait for the right time or review time. For instance, like after 6 months.
  • Compare yourself to a colleague. The request must be according to your workload and responsibly to the company.
  • Threaten to leave for another job.



In how to ask for a raise, keep in mind that your reasoning must be performance-based. And it must be on measurable goals that demonstrate your value to the company. The better you prepare, the more information that you have. The way you demonstrate your value to the business makes your position that much stronger when asking for a raise.

Now, that you know all these tips you can ask for a  pay raise and be happy to get one.


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