10 Amazing Mosquitoes Repellent Plants You Need At Your Backyard Garden

Mosquito Repellent Plants — Summer is here again when we always a lot of insects around our home. But the question is how are we going to ward off these insects without using insecticide?

Because using it as insecticide can expose us to a lot of health problem like headaches, nausea, reproductive harm, eye irritation, dizziness and systemic poisoning. So if we want to stay healthy we have to avoid them at home.

Planting insect and mosquito repellent plants give an incredible chance to get out in the greenery enclosure and plant a few plants which are a flawless blend of aesthetic and usefulness.

10 Amazing Mosquito Repellent Plants

I have compiled an incredible list of plants that you can use in and around your home to help ward off insects and mosquitoes. They can are medicinal too..

Best Natural Mosquito Repellent PLants

Citronella grass/Elephant grass

10 Amazing Mosquito Repellent Plants

This plant is one of most popular insect and mosquito repellent plants. It belongs to geranium plant family.

It can work as essential oil too, if you crushed the leaves and squeeze out its oil. You can plant this plant in your garden and around the seating area of your backyard or even at the front of your home.

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Bee Balm10 Amazing Mosquito Repellent Plants

This is easy to grow plant. It grows fast and is very hard to  get rid off when it has reached maturity. It has beautiful blooms that butterfly love. It can serve as dual purpose at home; it can be used as insect repellent and antiseptic. Even some people use this plant to treat cold.



10 Amazing Mosquito Repellent Plants

Marigold is can be difficult to grow especially in the shade or temperate areas, because they can be easily attack by powdery mildew, damping off, gray mold and different types of leaf spot. Aside these they are good insect repellent plant. The scent from this plant repels mosquito, rabbits and aphids. The roots of marigolds are well-known among farmers to repel nematodes, though those qualities require a year to take effect.

Penny royal

10 Amazing Mosquito Repellent Plants

Pennyroyal is one of most effective mosquito repellent plants. In fact, it is not only repels mosquito but also fleas, ticks and gnats. Pennyroyal is awesome to plant in the garden, yet it is best used as a homemade mosquito repellent cream that you can use on your skin.


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Feverfew10 Amazing Mosquito Repellent Plants

Feverfew repels number one biting repellent plants. It will be very effective if we can plant it at pathways outdoor seating areas, windows and doorways. This plant can also be used to treat headaches, nervous disorders and is a great laxative plant to have, because it aids ease bloating.

To exploit its therapeutic uses, cut it flowers when they’re in full sprout and harvest leaves just before the plant begins to bloom. Collecting at these times guarantees the high concentration of medicinal content


10 Amazing Mosquito Repellent Plants

Nasturtiums discharge an airborne substance that repulses insect; aphid, cabbage loppers, beetles and whiteflies, securing the nasturtium as well as different plants in general.

Since many of the insects nasturtiums repulse vegetables like cucumbers, kale, kohlrabi, collards, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage and radishes. These plants are perfect choice for planting along the edges of vegetable gardens. Luckily, this does not repel the vital pollinator e.g. bumblebee. Nasturtiums  is also a natural shade-forming climber that you can use for house cooling  during the summer.

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Lavender plant10 Amazing Mosquito Repellent Plants


This plant is great insect and mosquito repellent plants. Lavender is from Mint family with scent herb known to the Mediterrean region. Because of it fantastic medicinal properties it can be used to depression, insomnia, nervousness, pain and if hair applied to hair, it saves hair from alopecia aeata, hair loss. Some people even use it to treat circulatory disorder and enhance mental being by adding it to bathwater.

Lavender is an intense mosquito and general bug repellent. The oils emitted by this plant successfully avert these irritations through totally normal means. There are a few ways you can utilize lavender to actually repulse mosquitoes.

The best of these systems is by extricating its oils. To use this system, basically granulate its flowers and apply to the areas of your skin where mosquitoes like, your lower legs and arms.


10 Amazing Mosquito Repellent Plants

News flash- if you are bitten by mosquito you can apply or rub peppermint leaves directly into the bite area for quick and effective itch relief.Pepper mint is known for its strong scent and delicious taste as food, but this plant is one of most common insect and mosquito repellent that you can plant this summer .

Peppermint can be planted around windows, along outdoor seating areas and/or near the doorways to maximize its benefits. Peppermint is a wonderful tea, pain reliever and beauty product!

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Catnip10 Amazing Mosquito Repellent Plants

Catnip is a good cockroaches and mosquito repellent plant, although it attracts cat. So it is good if you are a cat lover. Catnip is one of the mint family.

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Floss Flowermosquito repellent

This flower repels insects and mosquito when it releases one chemical called coumarin. So it will be one of good insect repellent plant collection to have at home.

If you  tried any of these plants before or you have another one you have planted before and is very effective  insects repelling plant ,please share in the comment space below.Thanks!

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