Top 13 Witch Hazel Uses – Why You Must Have It At Home

Witch Hazel Uses – Witch hazel is extracted from the leaves and bark of the of Hamamelis virginiana. It has many medicinal substances and used in many health care products.

Incredible  Benefits of  Witch Hazel Uses

Witch hazel is mainly used in skin care as an anti-oxidant and astringent. As for me it is a good natural remedy for stretch marks, psoriasis (check – 20 Home Remedies For Psoriasis Symptoms )and eczema etc..

Here are the Amazing  Witch Hazel  Uses

1.  Witch Hazel for Dry Skin

 Witch Hazel can be used to treat dry skin by applying it on the skin after taken a bath. You can apply it two or three time in a day and you will see changes with 2 to 3 weeks. It really  one of incredible ways  witch hazel uses

2.Witch Hazel for Acne

If you are suffering from acne, witch hazel can help eliminate that for you too, thanks to its anti-inflammatory substance in it . It not only helps stop that continuous itching, but it improves symptoms like scaling, redness, burning and even scarring.

One study found that patients with acne who applied witch hazel on their face, and a non-steroidal cream on the other over three weeks, experienced just as effective relief in improving symptoms with the witch hazel as compared to the “acne cream”.

Witch Hazel Uses - Why you must have it

Witch hazel is a tremendous remedy for diaper rash, I also place a mini bottle and a few organic cotton balls in my diaper kit for immediate use.

3. Witch Hazel  for Skin Care

Witch Hazel Uses - Why you must have it
one of my highly-valve skin care component is witch hazel, it serves as a versatile support which aids with a large variance of skin conditions, it is oftentimes approved to fight acne and blemishes, relieving dry skin or itching and taking out makeup.

I prefer the usage in this homemade vitamin c facial toner, which has tremendous effect on naturally oily skin ( also check -Home Remedies For Age Spots and Wrinkles Removal Without Damaging Your Skin)

4.  For Post Childbirth

This is one of the best witch hazel uses .Witch hazel is recurrently approved at the point of post child birth. The reason being that the postpartum soothing spray serves as a healing spray to the perineum. For post birth soothing purpose, I made a suspension of witch hazel extract and after birth herbs. I have this suspension stored in a spray bottle.

A homemade form of witch hazel pad is achievable. This is achieved by opening up the ladylike sanitary pads and spreading natural witch hazel on it. A thin layer of aloe can also be added. Note that a considerable amount of sanitation is necessary while doing this (Clean hands ). The pads are distributed in hospitals.

5. Witch Hazel for Stretch Marks

I didn’t try it in person, but a colleague managed to make her stretch mark almost vanish by spraying witch hazel on the affected area (stretch mark) daily for some months.

6. Diaper Rash and Baby Wipes

In my homemade baby wipes, the witch hazel is a component (cloth wipes or disposable option can be used) it is extremely good when used on the skin. Aloe mixed with the witch hazel has been very relieving on infant
Witch hazel is a tremendous remedy for diaper rash, I also place a mini bottle and a few organic cotton balls in my diaper kit for immediate use.

7.  For Varicose Veins

Witch hazel uses
An alternative treatment i didn’t attempt in person, but a nurse friend approves. The witch hazel serves as a purse for varicose veins soothing. Ladies drench clothes into an extract of witch hazel and make a purse and when applied to the leg lessens the pain of varicose vein

8. Witch Hazel  for  Hair (Dandruff)

A matching component that makes the witch hazel favorable to the skin also makes it good for the hair and scalp to enable glow and De-frizz to my hair. I use the witch hazel as a pre-shampoo, although this method transmits dandruff. Before taking a shower, I place a spray bottle of witch hazel in the bathroom to spray on my hair and then rinse out.


9.  Witch Hazel  for Deodorant

My affection of my effective homemade deodorant, although a few people find baking soda very disturbing, a possible substitute can be considered to be Magnesium based spray deodorant. Plain witch hazel added with some drops of lavender essential oil can be a superb substitute for particularly sensitive skin.

I propose you try an armpit detox to lessen odor and make armpits less delicate

10. Hazel Natural Itch Remedy

Personally, for all types of itching remedy, I suggest a bottle of witch hazel placed in my first aid gear. It is very convenient in lessen the itch from chicken pox, eczema, poison ivy and bug bites.

Actually my first aid gear isn’t complete without a mini bottle of some witch hazel and lavender. My offspring also uses the mixture of the witch hazel and lavender on bug bites or skin itching if needed. I also create anti-itch cream, using it is superb for treating spot itchy areas

11.  Hazel for Bruise Spray

 This one of most successful witch hazel uses . Exactly the same way the bruise spray can relieve varicose veins, the use of witch hazel can also lessen the presence and discomfort of a bruise. I was well-informed immediately when I accidentally bumped my foot against the bathroom door, which resulted to bruises the week before a family vacation.
With the help of witch hazel, ones a day application hastens the disappearance of the bruises within some days.

12.   Witch Hazel for Sunburn or Razor Burn

For sunburn treatment

, apple cider vinegar is great, although witch hazel works also with a spray bottle of witch hazel in the fridge to help cool and soothe sunburn or razor burn.

13. Witch Hazel for Bug Spray

Witch Hazel Uses - Why you must have it

The basis for my homemade bug spray is witch hazel oil. In do it yourself bug spray, dried herbs or essential oils are great basis, It is also great for skin. It is also favorable for poison ivy and even itchy skin, it is an excellent duel-purpose treatment for camping or beach trips.

Where Can I Buy Witch Hazel and What to Look for ?

Many skin care products – especially those found on the shelves in many chain retail stores may be labelled as witch hazel. Be careful, however, most are actually diluted with isopropyl alcohol which will dry out your skin and stop its healing and rejuvenating capabilities.

When you buying witch hazel, make sure that you go for original organic Witch hazel. For instance, the one that does not have isopropyl alcohol or other potentially harmful substances or chemicals.



Closing thought

As with many herbal natural remedies, certain people, like women who are pregnant or breast feeding, should consult to their doctors before using witch haze.

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