7 Best Essential Oil for Bug Spray at Home – Kill Mosquitoes,Bedbug & Spider

 Best Essential Oil for Bug Spray at HomeEssential Oil for Bug Spray – Essential oils are designed to help you freshen up the air most of the time, but they can also be used as a bug spray if you combine them adequately. With that in mind, you have to realize that each type of essential oil comes with its own set of requirements.

The idea here is to figure out what type of approach you need to have and what essential oils work for you. With that in mind, here you have the best essential oil for bug spray solutions that you can create at home!

1. Lavender oil

Lavender is very popular for aromatherapy, but at the same time, it also has insect repellant properties. It was used centuries ago as the best way to protect linens and clothes from moth infestations and other species of bugs. This can also help prevent bug infections.

How can you use it?

You should consider using it in a lotion base, with some sunflower oil or carrier oil. You can also use it as a spray before you apply it to your skin as a bug repellant. If you want, you can also mix it with some eucalyptus or grapefruit oil, as that can also help quite a bit.

2. Basil Oil

Basil is a very good essential oil for bug spray. You can use it as an ideal essential oil for pest control. It works particularly well if you live in a region that has lots of ponds and lakes. Studies have shown that this oil can easily kill larvae and it will be a very impressive mosquito repellent as well. This is also an uplifting oil.

If you want to learn how to use it, just insert it in an atomizer and spray it outside. You don’t have to combine it with any other essential oil if you want good results.

3. Cedar Essential Oil

Cedar Essential Oil works great against things like lice, mites, fleas, and ants. You will need to add it to an atomizer, and you can also combine it with lavender oil although that’s not necessary most of the time.

If you want to use it on a dog, you make sure that you rub the Cedar Essential Oil on your hands and then run it through the animal skin. It’s self-explanatory to use this essential oil for bug spray, and it works!

Best Natural Homemade Essential Oil for Bug Spray Recipes

DIY Homemade insects Repellent



  • 8 ounces witch hazel
  • 8 ounces apple cider vinegar
  • 30- 40 drops essential oils e.g. citronella, tea tree, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemongrass,
  • One 8 ounce glass spray bottle


  • Mix apple cider vinegar, essential oils, and witch hazel, in glass spray bottle.
  • Spray over all the affected area of the body but be careful do not let repellent into eyes and mouth.

4. Soybean Oil

The Soybean Oil is maybe one of the best essential oil for bug spray options. It can protect you against mosquito bites, and it helps you stay away from many other insects too.

The idea here is to create a mixture of Soybean Oil and Lemongrass, as this can offer you a very powerful pest repellant. As we mentioned above, it works great for a wide range of bugs, and you can easily adapt it to other types of essential oils listed in this article if you want.

5. Neem Essential Oil

This is a nice essential oil for bug spray that can be used in a unique way. You can add it to kerosene lamp or just regular diffusers to get the job done. There’s no need to combine it with any other essential oil.

The reason is simple, Neem Essential Oil is very powerful, to begin with, and it can indeed offer you some pretty good results in the end.

6. Catnip Essential Oil

7 Best Essential Oil for Bug Spray at Home


The best way to use this essential oil is to add some appealing food for bugs in a glass tube, and you need to apply some catnip essential oil to at least half of that tube. Again, you don’t have to combine this with other essential oils if you don’t want it, but it can help you quite a lot in the end.

It will not last for a very long time, so repeated use is recommended here. The Catnip Essential Oil can work great for ticks, mosquitoes and other types of insects.

Nepetalactone, the active ingredient in catnip essential oil that provides the plant its odor property it is almost ten times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET , the compound used in most conventional/commercial insect repellents, according to the research by American Chemical Socienty

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7.Lemon and Eucalyptus Essential Oil

How can you use this at home? A glass of spray bottle, 25 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil and some witch hazel is all you need. Create a good mixture from all of this and then shake well then apply to the clothes or any exposed skin.

It may not look amazing, but it does work very well, and that’s exactly what you want to have in the end.

As you can see, there are many essential oils for bug spray options out there. You are free to choose which is the best one for you. With that in mind, make sure that you use these essential oils adequately, as that’s what will give you the best results.

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