11 Best Way on How to Get Rid of Liver Spots Naturally at Home


How to Get Rid of Liver Spots Naturally at HomeLiver spots removal tips – Do you have liver spots and are looking to get rid of them, chances are pretty good that you do and do not know it. Liver spots are not actually associated with any type of liver condition, instead, they are more an indication of aging. They also are often referred to as sun spots and they are completely harmless.

Although harmless, most people would rather get rid of liver spots than look at them on their face or hands. It is very important to realize what liver or age spots truly are so that you decide what you want to do about them if you find them on your own skin.

There are dozens and dozens of products on the store shelves including; cream for liver spots on hands and other ointments or lotions. There are many different methods for removing liver spots that may or may not be right for you.


What are Liver Spots on the Skin?

Once thought to be caused by some kind of liver condition that would manifest itself by exhibiting patches or blotches on the skin. However, the actual cause of liver sport or age spots is caused by the overproduction of melanin or skin pigments.

While the exact cause is up for debate, but it is commonly believed that it is caused by long-term exposure to the UV rays of the sun. It also is thought to be caused by plain old aging.

While the exact cause of your livers may not be apparent, there are ways to get rid of liver spots on your skin at home.


What Cause Brown Liver Spots on Skin?

Plain brown liver spots on the skin are mostly benign and nothing worry about, they are usually something called Seborrhoeic keratoses or basal cell papillomas.

They are often signs of aging or overexposure to the sun’s UV rays. They are usually treated the same way that typical liver spots are.


Where are Liver Spots most Commonly Found?

Liver spots can be found in those areas of the body that are most often exposed to the sun. You are more like to find liver spots on the face, especially if you spend any length of time outside in the sun.

You may also find a large number of liver spots on the neck if you have shorter hair of often wear it up or under a hat. This leaves the neck area exposed to the sun for longer periods of time.


How to Get Rid of Liver Spots Naturally at Home

10 Best Way on How to get rid of Liver Spots Naturally at Home

While there are many creams and lotions on the store shelves that claim to get rid of liver spots, however, there are just as many all-natural remedies that can do it just as well.

These all natural remedies have been used by people all over the world for centuries. One benefit to using all natural ingredients is that you do not have to worry about dangerous side effects associated with some of the over the counter preparations being sold in stores today.

We came up with a list of the 11 best all-natural remedies and included the recommended use of each of them.


1. How to Get Rid of Age Spots with Hydrogen Peroxide

You can use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of liver spots. First, wash affected the area with warm water thoroughly.Now, dip a Q-tip in Hydrogen peroxide solution and rub it on the liver spots.

Wash it off after 20-25 minutes.Repeat this process for 3-4 days for best results.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar for Liver Spots

Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural source alpha hydroxyl acids which work similar to many of the expensive anti-aging creams on the market.

It helps to exfoliate the skin which can help remove liver spots, safely and naturally. These are 18 Insanely Apple Cider Vinegar Uses For All Health Problems

3. Lemons

The citric acid in the juice from the lemon is a very effective way to lighten age spot and even freckles. The acid helps to break down and remove layers of dead skin cells and they are replaced with newer skin cells.

Apply fresh lemon juice on the liver spots for about 20-30 minutes to fade them.

Alternatively, mix lemon juice and yogurt or you may mix 2 drops almond oil in lemon juice.Then, apply it on skin 2 times in a day.


4. Onions

Onions contain sulfur compounds that have antiseptic properties. And also acids that help to exfoliate the skin. The odor may be a problem. But it is often used instead of lemons and vinegar as they can irritate the skin.


5. Buttermilk

Buttermilk contains lactic acid which helps to restore the youthful appearance of the skin and get rid of liver spots. Apply directly to the skin with a cotton ball a couple of times of day to get the best results.


6. Dandelions 

While mostly considered weeds by many. Those who use natural remedies know that the sap from the stem of the dandelion plant contains medicinal compounds. Those substances can help to restore the skin’s youthful appearance by exfoliating dead skin cells.


7. Papaya 

The alpha hydroxy acids in the papaya fruit work as an exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells.Thus, helps to get rid of liver spots. There are people who are allergic to papaya.Becuase it can cause a serious reaction if you do not know whether you are or not, it is recommended that you test a small patch of skin for 24 hours.


8. Aloe Vera 

The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera help to refresh the skin. It also helps to keep it hydrated which helps to rid the body of liver spots. It can be found in a number forms and it can be applied directly to the affected areas.


8. Yogurt

The yogurt contains several compounds for helping the skin. It acts as a mild bleaching agent that helps to lighten and eliminate the liver spots and brown spots.

By combining yogurt with oatmeal and fresh lemon you apply it directly to the skin several times a day.


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10. Sandalwood Essential Oil 

The Sandalwood Essential Oils contain anti-aging properties that can be used by massaging the oil directly into the affected areas. By adding a couple drops of the essential oil to a carrier oil .Then using a cotton ball to apply it directly onto the skin where the liver spots are.


11. Red Currants

The red currant plant is filled with antioxidants. When you apply it directly to the skin it will help improve the skin’s natural healing and naturally diminish the signs of liver spots.

To prepare the paste you need unripened red currants, honey, lemon juice and rosewater. Apply the paste directly to the affected areas several times a day.


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