Avocado Face Mask for Skin Care: Acne Cure, Age Spots, and Blackheads Removal

Homemade Avocado Face Mask– Avocado contains unsaturated fats and vitamins that work wonders for people with dry skin and acne problems. Avocados are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other antioxidants, as well as vitamin A, B, K, and E. They can help improve the health and wellness of the skin. Avocado helps to repair and improve rough, dry or itchy skin and even hair.

Avocados are not just delicious to eat. They also contain a lot of essential nutrients like minerals, anti-oxidants, and vitamins. Avocados are a superfood; they taste great, they make you beautiful and have several health benefits.

Thanks to the moisturizing, hydrating and nourishing benefits of Avocado, you can use it for various homemade face masks. Its benefits are numerous. They are one of the best masks you can apply to your skin. They also beautify your skin and improve your facial hair.

Avocado face masks serve as a natural way to nourish skin. However, before you make yours at home, it is important to understand some avocado face mask benefits.

 Avocado Face Mask for Skin Care


Health Benefits of Avocados

Avocado is a source of a high number of nutrients and it offers a wide range of health benefits such as:

  • Avocado contains Vitamins B, C, and E which ensure a healthy and active life.
  • An active nutrient found in avocado called lutein is can help improve your eyesight(1)
  • Avocados contain an ingredient called Folate which it is important for women during pregnancy. It also aids normal cell repair.
  • Including avocado in your regular diet helps you lose weight. This is because it contains high fiber.
  • Avocado juice helps to reduce bad breath. It cleanses your mouth and your intestine and helps remove the microbes that cause the bad breath.
  • Avocados help you absorb carotenoids from other sources like carrots, leafy greens, and sweet potatoes. Research shows that carotenoids can help protect against cell damage and diseases associated with cell damage including cancer and Parkinson’s disease (2).


Avocado Face Mask Benefits

  • The omega-3 fatty acids in avocado can also help to moisturize your dry skin and improve the tone of your face.
  • Avocado reduces oil level of your skin and lowers your risk of pimples.
  • The nutrients in avocado help to scrub your skin pores and exfoliate your skin. This gives your skin a brighter and healthier appearance.
  • Anti-aging is another benefit of avocado. The antioxidants in avocado will help to detoxify your body and reduce wrinkles. This can also increase skin elasticity and keep you looking young.
  • You can also use avocado mask for hair treatment, especially for an itchy and dry scalp. It is also effective in dandruff treatment and makes your hair shiny.
  • Avocado mask for hair help improves your facial hair.
  • You can use avocado oil as a natural sunscreen for sunburnt skin.
  • The healthy fats in avocados will moisturize your skin and reduce any inflammation.


Avocado Helps in the Treatment of Dehydrated skin.

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Avocado Improves the Digestion and Prevents Constipation.
  • The oily acid found in the fruit helps to prevent the growth of breast cancer cells. It is also effective in preventing cancers of the mouth.
  • They aid in the treatment of diabetes. Research shows that the good fats in avocado reduce insulin resistance in the body(3). Also, the soluble fibers in them help regulate your blood sugar levels.
  • Avocados contain potassium and plenty of good fats which help people who suffer to reduce the chance of high blood pressure.


 7 Amazing Avocado Face Mask for Skin Care: Cure Acne, Age Spots, and Blackheads Removal

Avocado not only improves your health but also soothes itchy and dry skin. Ingredients used to prepare the face masks like honey are good for your dry skin.

However, honey is not the sole ingredient for an avocado face mask. Cucumber, oatmeal, and yogurt are some of the other recipes you can use to make an avocado face mask without honey. Try these homemade avocado facial masks to cleanse, moisturize, soften and nourish your dry skin.


1. Avocado and Honey for Cleaning and Moisturizing your Skin



Avocado Face Mask for Skin Care


Combining Avocado and honey will refine your skin pores, tighten your skin, reduce aging spots and smooth over wrinkles.


Avocado and Honey Face Mask Recipe

  • 1 ripe Avocado
  • 1 tablespoon of honey



  • Mashup 1 ripe avocado.
  • Mix it with 1 tablespoon of honey till it turns to a paste.
  • Spread a thin layer of the mixture on your skin and leave for 20 minutes.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash off.


2. Cucumber and Avocado Face Mask for Acne

This is an effective remedy for the treatment of acne.

Avocado and Cucumber Face Mask Recipe

  • ½ ripe Avocado
  • 2 tablespoons of Cucumber Juice



  • Take ½ cup of already mashed avocado and mix with 2 tablespoons of cucumber juice.
  • Clean your face with a soft towel.
  • Apply the mixture to your face evenly.
  • You can also put the cucumber slices over your eyes.
  • Lie down for 10-15 minutes.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash off the mask from your face and pat it to dry.

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 Avocado Face Mask for Skin Care

3. Avocado and Oatmeal Face Mask for Dry skin

Oatmeal helps to heal and relieve people with dry skin that are suffering from itching. Vitamin E is a major nutrient found in avocados. Natural oils that will naturally moisturize and hydrate your dry skin are available in this face mask.

Avocado and Oatmeal Face Mask Recipe

  • ½ ripe Avocado
  • ½ cup of Oatmeal


  • Blend avocado to a pulp.
  • Cook oatmeal and mix with blended avocado in a bowl.
  • Apply mask to your face.
  • Leave for 15-20 minutes until it gets dry.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash mask off your face.


4. Avocado and Yoghurt Face Mask  

This mask gives your skin extra moisture, especially during the cold winter season. Yoghurt has enzymes that easily exfoliate the facial hair with natural cleansing.


Avocado and Yoghurt Face Mask Recipe

  • ¼ ripe Avocado
  • 1 teaspoon of plain organic yogurt


  • Mash avocado to a pulp.
  • Mix in 1 tablespoon of organic yogurt till it turns to a paste.
  • Spread the mask on your face.
  • Leave for 15-20 minutes.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash the mask off your face and pat to dry.


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5. Avocado with Egg White and Lemon Juice Face Mask

Lemon is an incredible source of Vitamin C. It is perfect for oily skins. Egg white moisturizes dry skin. Egg mixed with avocado and lemon face mask also helps to reduce acne problems.


Avocado with Egg White and Lemon Juice Recipes

  • ½ ripe Avocado
  • One egg white
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice


  • Beat egg until frothy.
  • Mash up the avocado.
  • Mix beat egg and mashed avocado with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • Apply it to your face.
  • Leave to dry for 15-20 minutes.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash off your face.



6. Avocado and Apple Face Mask for Glowing Skin

This mask is perfect for sensitive skins. It moisturizes the skin. It is effective for glowing and healthy skin.

Avocado and Apple Face Mask Recipes

  • ½ ripe Avocado
  • A tablespoon of apple cider
  • ½ apple peeled and cored
  • 1 tablespoon of honey


  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl to a paste.
  • Apply mask to your clean skin.
  • Leave for 10-15 minutes.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash the mask off.


7. Avocado and Banana Face Mask for Oily Skin

This one of the best avocado face mask for oily skin. It is perfect for people struggling with oily skin because it absorbs excess sebum.


Avocado and Banana Face Mask Recipes

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 banana
  • Egg yolk


  • Mash the avocado and the banana separately.
  • Mix together with the egg yolk until it is in a consistent paste form.
  • Apply for approximately 10–15 minutes.
  • Then rinse off with lukewarm water.


Avocado Face Mask for Skin Care



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Making your own face mask is easy and inexpensive. You can find most of the ingredients in the kitchen like lemon, egg, yogurt and honey. You can easily find the suitable avocado facial mask recipe for your peculiar skin condition from the above 7 recipes.

Before you apply any of the avocado face masks, you should wash your face with warm water. This will help remove makeup and dirt and make the face mask more effective. To get the best possible results you can apply any of these face masks once a week. They will give you remarkable results. Remember to always use a soft and ripe avocado for the purpose of making face masks.

When you are not mashing up the avocados for your skin treatment, you can just use them to prepare some great and nutritious meals.

Stay beautiful!

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