Top 27 Early Symptoms of Cancer Most Women Ignore

 Early Symptoms  of Cancer : what can be as bad as being suffering  from cancer and  the dismay it brings? For some it’s a disease that snatches life but for others it is an enigma, a torture that continues to persist. It haunts the life of the woman and her loved ones whom she has to look after.

So to avoid this malignant disease we need to clearly identify the symptoms and nip this evil in the bud. Words cannot describe the harms cancer brings but identifying its symptoms can save us from the never-ending misery of pain. Here are early symptoms of cancer most people ignore

Common early symptoms of Cancer most Women Ignore

1. Abdominal weight increase or bloating

Women are natural bloaters,” says Marleen Meyers, MD, an oncologist at NYU Langone Medical Center. “It’s OK to wait a week or 2 to see if it goes away.” If your symptoms continue with time, or if they happen with bleeding or weight loss, then consult your doctor

early symptoms of cancer

Ovarian cancer is also linked with signs of strange weight increase or bloating.

2 .Out of breath

Lung cancer patients develop respiratory problems involving loss of breath. So people should consider this as a symptom and have proper diagnosis.

3. Coughing and chest pain

Lung cancer and leukemia can lead to chronic coughing that is hard to control. Also chest pain is frequently reported by patients of lung cancer.

4. Recurrent fevers

As immunity is lost in the course of cancer spread, body temperature is raised several times to fight pathogens which otherwise are defeated under normal temperature.

5. Problem in swallowing

The process of swallowing is disturbed in case of esophageal cancer. This is also a preliminary symptom of lung cancer.

6. Lymph nodes swollen and lumps on under-arms groin and neck

Swollen lymph nodes cause problems in the lymphatic system that is a clear symptom of cancer.

7. Bleeding that doesn’t stop

Formation of clots is inhibited in response to the abnormal division of RBCs and platelets. So instead of formation of normal RBCs with ability to carry oxygen and platelets that help in clotting abnormal masses of cells is formed. This is a symptom of blood cancer.

8. General fatigue and weakness

Fatigue and weakness is associated with early symptoms of cancer that you must not ignore. So we should try to take more sleep and consult doctor.

9. Loss of appetite

In case of ovarian cancer, a woman feels general loss in appetite but still the weight continues to increase.

10. Pain in abdomen or pelvic region

Abdominal or pelvic pain continues side by side with bloating and is a symptom of ovarian cancer. Also leukemia can also be the result of untreated abdomen or pelvic pain.

11. Rectal bleed or blood in stool

Never consider rectal bleeding as a normal thing. Always go for a colonoscopy as it is a symptom of cancer and other deadly diseases.

12. Strange weight loss

Most sudden weight loss is not cancer, Meyers says. “It’s often caused by stress or your thyroid, but it can be a symptom of pancreatic cancer, “she claimed. Stomach and lung cancers are also likely.

Sudden loss of body weight can also be a sign of colon and digestive cancer. Loss in appetite can damage liver and reduces the ability to expel waste, so try to consult your doctor if you are experiencing these because they can be early symptoms of cancer

13. Stomach ache

Frequent cramps in stomach and stomach ache are associated with colorectal cancer. So frequent pain in stomach should not be unattended to.

14. Sore or swollen breast

 This can also be early cancer symptoms .One of the physical symptoms in case of commonly occurring breast cancer is the swollen breast. So in case of inflammation consult a doctor immediately.

early symptoms of cancer

Some of the possible early signs of breast cancer

15. Changes in nipple

Inverted or flattened nipples that start to appear are the symptom of breast cancer. So keep a notice of changes in nipple shape and do self-examination.

16.Increased period of menstruation

When endometrial or uterine cancer is present, the period of menstruation is increased and there is excessive loss of blood.

17.Facial swelling

Face puffiness and swollen body parts are there in case of lung cancer. So this issue should be taken into consideration.

18. Lumps that don’t heal

As skin cells continue to divide in an un-controlled fashion, so lumps can be formed that are a sign of skin cancer.A painless lubber on the neck, underarm, or groin can be an early symptom of leukemia.

19. Nail changes

Changes in finger nails are an indication of skin cancer. Paleness or whitening of nails is also associated with lung cancer.

20.Back pain

It is reported as the first sign of liver cancer. Moreover, back pain is also present in case of breast cancer.

21. Rectal bleeding

Blood in the stool is the most common sign of colon cancer and should never be ignored! If you noticed blood in the stool, go to a doctor immediately!

22. Increased infections

Due to abnormal cell division of cells, enormous mass of un-differentiated WBCs is produced. Therefore, rate of infection is increased.

23. Inter period bleeding

Noticing spots of blood also known as inter period bleeding is a sign of cancer. Therefore, proper consultation with a gynecologist is required.

24. Heartburn

Taking a lot of alcohol and increased stress results in heartburn.  Instead you can include cancer fighting food in your daily diets

25. Depression and belly pain

The blues of depression and belly pain can be varied and result in cancer.

26. Changes in mouth shape and Crack lips

If the woman is an excessive smoker, then patches start to develop on mouth and lips. This is an indication of colon cancer, and the early symptoms of  cancer must not be ignored

27. Changes in bowel movement

Bladder and bowel changes are observed in case of developing stages of cancer.

If You Suspect You Have Cancer, What Should You Do?

First  thing  I would recommend is  to  seek the guidance of a knowledgeable natural health care practitioner.

Many people turn to conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy because they think they are the ONLY option. Well, there are healthy and safer alternative  to consider,  this include one that you commonly have in your kitchen : baking soda.

Sodium bicarbonate delivers a natural form of chemotherapy in a way that effectively kills cancer cells , without the side effects and costs of standard chemotherapy treatments. The only problem with the treatment, according to Dr. Mark Sircus, is that it’s too cheap. Since no one is going to make money from it, no one will promote it.

Dr. Simoncini’s quite amazing experience has shown that 99 percent of breast and bladder cancers can heal in just six days, entirely without the use of surgery, chemo or radiation, using just a local infiltration device (such as a catheter) to deliver the sodium bicarbonate directly to the infected site in your breast tissue or bladder.

 So keep observing the symptoms to avoid the horrific treatments like chemotherapy.

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