DIY Homemade Ointment Recipe for Glowing Skin

I have actually had countless demands for a much heavier, creamy homemade ointment recipe. Today I’ll finally discuss my downright preferred recipe for a natural hand and body lotion that is light, warm, yet remarkably moisturizing.

            DIY Homemade Ointment Recipe

The most effective ingredients, it doesn’t leave your skin greasy like all the common body butter recipes that you can find everywhere, even on the Internet!

DIY Homemade Ointment Recipe for Glowing Skin


This ointment will certainly repair your completely dry skin, yet its light enough to lug you all the way with a very hot summertime.

You could personalize or customize your ointment to your skin type is as simple as that and like fragrance, and you can also make it for kid (calendula and chamomile …).

There are countless variants, but a few of my faves are:.
  • -Rosewater and Almond Oil.
  • -Peppermint, Wintergreen, as well as Ginger for sore muscles.
  • -Coconut and also Calendula for the face.
  • -Calendula and Chamomile for baby.
  • -Mint and green tea.
  • -Jasmine and vanilla.

I have actually added my basic recipe listed below. You could customize it by adding different essential oils. Infusing your oils with herbs first using Shea or chocolate butter instead of the coconut oil to make the body-butter uniform.

KEEP IN MIND: This is an improved recipe given that many people were having difficulty getting the right temperatures to get the cream to emulsify. This recipe will not have any one of those issues!

DIY Homemade Ointment Recipe for Glowing Skin


Organic Homemade Ointment Fundamental Ingredients:

  • -1/2 cup almond or olive oil (can instill with herbs initially if preferred).
  • -1/4 mug coconut oil.
  • -1/4 cup beeswax.
  • -1 tsp Vitamin E oil. (optional)
  • -2 tablespoons Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter. ( optional)
  • -Essential Oils, Vanilla Extract or other organic extracts to suit your preference. (optional)
  1. Incorporate ingredients into a pint sized or larger glass jar. I have a mason container that I keep just for making creams and ointment bars, or you can also recycle a glass container from pickles, olives or other meals.
  2. Fill a medium pan with a couple inches of water and place on medium heat.
  3. You can put the jar freely and place in the pot with the water.
  4. When all ingredients are totally melted, put right into whatever jar or tin you will certainly use for storage. It will not pump well in an ointment pump!
  5. Use as your normal cream. This has a long shelf life compared to some homemade lotion recipes considering that all ingredients are currently shelf stable and no water is added.
  6. Use within 6 months for finest moisturizing benefits.


Note: A little goes a long means! This cream is incredibly nourishing and also is also fantastic for diaper breakout on baby, for dermatitis and for protecting against stretch marks! Stay Healthy?

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