DIY Body Wraps for Weight Loss, Detox and Getting Rid of Cellulite

DIY body wraps are an excellent way to get rid of excess body weight. Body wraps are important to the body for so many reasons. They detox the body, reduce the presence of cellulite and reduce excess body weight.

These DIY body wraps usually contain natural ingredients. They are easy to make at home. They also work wonders like body wraps you get in spas and salons. DIY body wraps are a preferable option because they are less expensive and effective.

Another advantage of using natural homemade body wraps is that they allow you to target the particular area of your body you want to work on.

However, this article will teach you how homemade body wraps can help you lose weight. You will also learn how to make use of DIY body wrap for detoxifying your skin. Lastly, we will discuss the DIY body wrap to get rid of cellulite.


What to Know about Body Wraps

Body wraps contain natural ingredients that remove impurities from your skin, keep it hydrated and re-mineralize your skin. In the words of Dr. Debra Jaliman, you can experience a feeling of relaxation using body wraps (1). They also improve your skin tone.

Dr. Jaliman claims there are several body wraps you can make use of to improve your health. However, we will be discussing these three here:       

·         Body wraps for detox containing natural ingredients that detoxify your skin.

·         Weight loss body wrap that supports the use of tightly-wrapped strips of plastic on an affected area.  

·         Cellulite wraps that take advantage of herbal ingredients.


DIY Body Wraps for Losing Weight, Detox and Getting Rid of Cellulite

DIY Body Wrap for Cellulite, Detox and Weight Loss

You will learn about different homemade body wraps you can use for detox, weight loss, and cellulite disappearance. These body wraps are easy and affordable to make. You can save a lot of money on these wraps.

The ingredients and directions for use of these body wraps are as follows:

1.      DIY Body Wraps for Cellulite

You can make use of seaweed powder to get rid of cellulite affecting your skin. Seaweed powder also contains anti-aging properties. A study showed that when you apply seaweed topically, it increases your skin’s elasticity and improves the look (2).

Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler suggests that DIY body wraps for cellulite will reduce the retention of fluid in your body and improve the appearance of the parts of your skin affected by cellulite( 3).

 DIY Body Wrap Recipe for Cellulite

You can prepare a DIY body wrap for cellulite using these ingredients:

·         1 cup of Seaweed powder

·         2 cups of coffee (warm)

·         3 tablespoons of almond oil


·         Pour the ingredients into a glass bowl or a wooden bowl.

·         Mix till it turns to a paste.

·         Apply to your upper thighs and buttocks to improve cellulite appearance.

·         Wrap tightly then relax for about an hour to sweat it out.

·         Take a shower to wash off.

·         Repeat twice a week for 1 month to tighten your skin and improve the appearance.


DIY Body Wraps for Losing Weight, Detox and Getting Rid of Cellulite


2.      DIY Body Wrap for Weight Loss

Green tea and bentonite clay powder are two important ingredients of a DIY body wrap for weight loss.

Some studies show that you can use bentonite clay to reduce belly fat effectively especially when combined with exercise. Green tea helps to detoxify your skin and improve its elasticity. It also reduces inflammation.

The question now is does DIY body wrap for weight loss really work? A research by the Journal Integrated Medicine Research proves that body wraps are effective for weight loss. Although combined with aerobic exercise, body wraps for skin tightening aid weight loss.


DIY Body Wraps for Losing Weight, Detox and Getting Rid of Cellulite

DIY Body Wraps for Losing Weight, Detox and Getting Rid of Cellulite

DIY Body Wrap Recipe for Weight Loss

You can prepare a DIY body wrap for weight loss using these ingredients:   

·         1 cup of Bentonite clay

·         10 drops of lemon essential oil   

·         2 cups of green tea powder


·         Pour all the ingredients into a bowl

·         Mix with a plastic or wooden spoon to a paste till it becomes like a lotion. Do not use a metal spoon because it will react to the bentonite in the mixture.

·         Apply to affected areas of your body and use a plastic to wrap tightly.

·         Use body wrap twice a week to a till you lose weight in desired areas of your body.

3.      DIY Body Wrap for Detox


DIY Body Wraps for Losing Weight, Detox and Getting Rid of Cellulite



You can use the combination of apple cider vinegar, essential oils and bentonite to prepare a body wrap for detox.

A review by the Journal International Geology shows us that bentonite clay is anti-microbial in nature(4). Therefore the clay helps to detoxify your skin. Apple cider vinegar also acts as an antiseptic that detoxifies your skin and improves its tone.

You will find evidence on the internet that supports the theory that DIY body wraps aid in getting toxins out of your body. Doctors from WebMD suggest that plastic body wraps are effective for detoxifying your body. Although they have no effect on your kidney and liver, at least there is no evidence backing that for now.

 DIY Body Wrap Recipe for Detox

You can prepare a DIY body wrap for detox using these ingredients:   

·         1 cup of Bentonite clay

·         8-10 drops of Essential oil   

·         1 cup of raw Apple cider vinegar

·         Water


·         Pour the bentonite clay, essential oil and apple cider vinegar into a plastic or wooden bowl and mix.

·         Add water to your mixture till it becomes a thick paste.

·         Apply paste upon your skin then wrap tightly using a plastic wrap. This will help to detoxify your skin.

·         Repeat twice a week till you get desired results.


Apart from these homemade DIY body wraps for detox, weight loss, and cellulite disappearance, you can also purchase a natural lotion. They are a great alternative. For them to work effectively, these lotions should contain the following:  

·         Kelp, seaweed or mud for getting rid of cellulite.

·         Cayenne or bentonite for weight loss.

·         Apple cider vinegar, ginger root or fennel seeds for detox.


How to Effectively Use a Homemade Body Wrap

In order to get maximum results from a body wrap, you need to follow some basic steps. These steps are as follows:

·         Use natural and ingredients when making your homemade body wraps. These are preferable, more effective and less expensive than organic ones.

·         Exfoliate your skin before application of the DIY body wrap for detox, cellulite and weight loss. You should always dispose dead skin cells before making use of a body wrap either for weight loss, detox or getting rid of cellulite. Exfoliating your skin makes the body wrap work better and also improves the appearance of your skin. Exfoliation also helps to renew your skin cells and regenerate your skin. There are a couple of great natural homemade scrubs you can use for exfoliating your skin. An example of these scrubs is the sugar and coconut oil scrub.


Sugar and Coconut oil Scrub Recipe

  • 1 cup of organic sugar cane
  • 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil
  • 10 drops of lime
  • 1/4 cup of sweet almond oil.
  • 10 drops of lemon
  • 10 drops of orange essential oil


  •  Pour the drops of lime, essential oil and lemon into the mixture and mix.
  • You can add 10 drops of lime, essential oil and lemon then mix very well.
  • Put in an airtight container.

How to Use the Scrub for Exfoliating Your Skin to Prepare It for a Body Wrap

                    i.            Use warm water to dampen the affected areas of your skin.-

                  ii.            Rub scrub gently on affected areas of your skin making circular movements.

                iii.            Leave for about 10 minutes then use water to rinse it off.

                iv.            Use a clean towel to dry your skin.

                  v.            Exfoliate your skin with this scrub 1-2 times every week before applying your body wraps.



·         It is important to always wrap tightly using a plastic wrap for effective results.

·         After wrapping, you can use a warm blanket to cover yourself or use a heating pad to sweat it out.

·         Relax for about an hour so the body wrap has enough time to do its work.

·         Remove plastic wraps and take a shower to rinse the mixture off your body.

·         The last step of using a natural DIY body wrap for cellulite, detox or weight loss is moisturizing your body.

·         Consistency is key! You should use the body wrap of your choice consistently for effective results. Apply these body wraps twice every week for 1 month. This will speed up the effects especially when combined with an exercise routine and/or a diet plan.   



Having learned about the DIY body wraps for detox, cellulite and weight loss, these additional tips are also very important. These suggestions also contain some dos and don’ts involved in DIY body wraps for cellulite, detox, and weight loss.  

·         You can add witch hazel, whole milk or goat’s milk to the mixture you will use to exfoliate your skin. They are effective in exfoliation.   

·         Apply only a thin layer if you use seaweed or bentonite or preparing your body wraps.   

·         You can always seek assistance from people around you to assist you in wrapping your body. Your close friends and family can be very useful for this.   

·         Stay away from unhealthy foods, drinks, and substances even before using the wraps. Avoid things like food containing unhealthy fats, alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes at least 2 days before you start applying the body wrap.   

·         Drink enough water before you apply any of the DIY body wraps. This will flush out any unwanted toxin in your body.   

·         Use this treatment at least twice a week every day to achieve best possible results. Or just see your doctor determine how and when to use them.

However, these DIY body wraps for cellulite, detox and weight loss are not compatible with everybody. Pregnant and menstruating women should avoid body wraps because they can affect their health negatively. People also suffering from constipation should stay away from body wraps. Also, people living with any type of disease need their doctors’ advice before using any of the body wraps

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